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Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy.

- Khalil Ghibran in “The Prophet”

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Matthias D. Wäger dip. Hom. PHSH (UK)

Registered Classical Homeopath

Practice Information

Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of medicine, which enables you to regain and maintain your health and vitality.

I like to work collaboratively with my patients and in order for you to get the best from my practice, I would appreciate it if you would read the following practice information.

After your initial consultation, I shall want to see you again in four to five weeks time. I may also ask you to ring me in between appointments. Then, according to your response to the remedy and the length of time that you have had your complaint, I will usually want to see you again in a month or so. Together we will then reassess how the treatment is going.

Staying Well

Illness can be triggered by many different things; in some people, it is a change in the seasons in others there may be emotional triggers. Through your treatment, you will learn to recognise what triggers illness for you and to seek help before you get ill. Treatment will, in time, change your susceptibilities. It is important to make an appointment to see me before the change in the season, if this is your vulnerable time. A remedy given to boost your immune system in September can help you to overcome the coughs, colds and flues of the winter months.

Being Ill

Illnesses give us information about ourselves and give us time to re-evaluate our lives. Part of being well is being able to cope with Acutes – these are minor illnesses like coughs and colds – and harnessing the body’s own innate energies to overcome them. Often you will not require homeopathic treatment for them but will need rest and will need to make appropriate dietary changes. Where you feel stuck in an acute illness remedies can be very successful in enabling the body to heal itself. In this event, ring me and I will prescribe over the telephone (Please read the information below on Acutes before phoning.) After an acute has resolved it is good to book an appointment for constitutional treatment to ensure that you remain in good health.

Booking Appointments

I generally consult from Monday to Friday. To book an appointment, telephone me on:

210 8085 211 or 6944 317 319

and leave your name and telephone number as well as times during working hours when I can reach you and I will call you back. I do not answer the telephone when I am with patients, but I check my answer phone at regular intervals.


If you need to speak to me very urgently, please leave your name and number and I will ring you as soon as I can. I aim to return calls within 24 hours, obviously if your call appears very urgent I will return it sooner.

Please note that I do not provide an emergency service as such and I am therefore generally not available at night or over the weekend, unless this has been previously agreed. If you have a medical emergency during those times, please call your GP or use the medical emergency services and call me during my office hours Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.


There are often sudden, self-limiting illnesses, such as flu, coughs, cystitis, mastitis, tonsillitis. They can be treated effectively and quickly with the appropriate homeopathic remedy. To enable me to prescribe accurately and quickly I will need some information from you. In order to help me to help you, please read the following checklist before calling me and have the answers to the following questions to hand:

Check List:

· When did it start? Was there an emotional or environmental trigger, e.g. after feeling humiliated, after getting caught in a shower and getting your feet wet?

· What makes it or you feel better or worse, e.g. if you have a cough, is it better sitting up or lying down, drinking hot or cold drinks, do you want to be alone or with someone?

· If it is a pain, what is the quality of it? Is it, for instance, dull, sharp, throbbing, constant, etc.?

· What side is it on?

· What is your body temperature? Do you feel hot or cold?

· Are you sweating?

· Do you have any bodily smells with it?

· Are there any pains or feelings, which accommodate it?


My fees, which are reviewed annually, are currently as follows:

Adults: New patients: 50 Euros Follow-ups: 40 Euros

Children: New patients: 40 Euros Follow-ups: 30 Euros

Please note, that this fees include VAT and will cover consultations over the phone in between appointments.

Payment is made at the time of the consultation.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

Please give at least twenty four hours notice if you want to change or cancel an appointment. This enables me to offer it to someone else. The full fee is payable if this notice is not given and if an appointment is missed.


Generally, I will give you a prescription for a homeopathic remedy at the end of an appointment. On some occasions, I may decide to do further research first. I shall then contact you within twenty-four hours, to let you know, which remedy I want you to take and in what form.

Due to current Greek legislation, it is not possible for homeopaths to give out homeopathic remedies. You will have to buy them therefore from a homeopathic pharmacy. Please ask me for a list of pharmacies in Greece, where you can acquire high-quality homeopathic pharmacy.

If you want me to prescribe for you over the phone, particularly for Acutes, I recommend you to buy a homeopathic first-aid kit, for that you have a good selection at hand for immediate use. Please ask me, if you want to buy a first-aid kit, and I will be happy to give you my recommendations.

Workshops and Talks

Please ask me about forthcoming events, if you would like to know more about homeopathy in general, and how you and your family can benefit from it. I give workshops on homeopathic first aid, childhood illnesses and other topics, where I teach the application for homeopathic remedies for Acutes, and I give talks on homeopathy and its application.